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Photoshoot for “Found At Sea Collective”

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I first heard about ET in 2015 through a mutual friend who told me about this epic water woman who was traveling the world and doing some incredibly cool things with her young life, such as working with refugees through her van in Europe and diving deep waters in search of underwater caves all over Asia.   We followed each other on Instagram and  bonded through our mutual love of ocean play and red wine. Even though she’s been one of my biggest inspirations and we’ve shared a lot of info throughout the years, we kept missing each others tails between countries and actually never met until earlier this year after FOUR YEARS of Instagram affair!


I was truly honored when she asked me to join her for the first official photoshoot for her incredibly beautiful and important jewelry line named  “Found At Sea Collective”. Etoile turns fossil shark teeth into everyday ocean jewelry for fellow eco-conscious water women while raising money for a good cause. The whole motive behind the jewelry is to raise awareness and support shark conservation and other ocean livings alike. A good chunk of all the sales goes back to the sharks and she’s super on point when it comes to gathering information about what’s going on in the field. I truly love following her stories as I always learn something new each time.

If you have passion for the ocean and everything that lives in it and would like to support a good cause while looking good, go and check her beautiful jewelry out or even just follow her IG for awesome oceans stories and inspo!!


I’ve personally never taken my ring off since I got it, even if surfing or anything! This thing is solid and still looks good as new in spite of all the sand and ocean and sun and soil it gets exposed to on a daily basis.   It’s just so precious and turns heads wherever I go!


Thanks ET for involving me in your project and keep doing your important work! One day we will share a glass of red, I’m sure.

Ig : @foundatsea.collective

Her personal IG: @captain_smulders

OK, so for the photos!


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