My new tattoo made by a handpicking priestess in Ubud

handpoke tattoo in bali.jpg

Last year I met a beautiful little muse with the most epic neck tattoo I’d ever seen. The girl told me about the handpicking tattoo priestess in Ubud and how she brilliantly channels your energy into patterns and symbols which she then hand pokes on you. I’ve always been a major fan of tattoos and last year I made a decision that all of my tattoos from then on would be made by some specific tradition, culture or method that would teach me something new about tattooing.

Anyway, I got her contact and was so so excited right from the start. The journey started right away as she replied shortly after my email with a short questionnaire which she would then use to help with her channelling. The questions asked things like “If I were to pray, worship, praise or give thanks to something, I would pray to… “ and the like, and it took me over 12 hours to ponder on them and reflect. Finally, I sent the questionnaire off and waited.

I knew she would be meditating on the questions for a while so I gave her space within my own space for the next two days through my own meditations, giving her openness and total trust for whatever she could possibly see.

Later that week, she responded to my email with a couple of images attached. I was absolutely blown away by what I saw. I actually couldn’t BELIEVE what I saw as the mural literally screamed everything I’ve been feeling inside. I really wanted to send her “How did you know??” but I guess I knew how.

The following week I made a trip up to Ubud and met the beautiful couple. The way they invited me into their space was just… magical, for the lack of a better word. I never felt rushed or unwelcomed into their home, but more like I was meeting and catching up with spirit siblings that I’ve known for a very long time. The whole afternoon was dedicated to my ceremony, yes CEREMONY of journeying into the symbol and its meaning and protection.

They started with a smoke ceremony and tea made by her wonderful partner. I wanted to ask them a million questions as I felt like they probably knew the answer to them all, ha. You know when you meet someone and wished you could just ask and talk into the night, they were like that.

When we were ready I laid down and she stencilled the symbol on my solar plexus. I’ve heard that the plexus area is extremely sensitive and I’ve gotten my ribs done before by a machine. Just then I remembered how excruciating that particular experience was and how I cried through most of the session. But when she started, it was a different kind of pain. A pain that actually took me somewhere- that meant something. She guided me through a little meditation while her partner kept circling around with a delicious cloud of smoke, protecting us and journeying with me into wherever the poking was taking me. I kept falling into a deep trance through the poking and felt how I released so much s*** that was stuck around the plexus area. It was so intense that I actually FELL ASLEEP kind of and went to space.

After she was finished, I felt like I just finished an intense healing session. I was literally left with no words for days but only a deep hope that everyone would get a chance to go through this one day themselves! and @awakentotheone thank you so much for one of the deepest experiences I’ve ever encountered. For allowing me to feel EVERYTHING and holding me through it all even though we don’t know each other at all. This was incredible. I will be seeing you again <3

Every time anyone asks me what it means, I can’t be bothered to explain as the meaning is more complex and deeper than most people have the attention span to listen to haha. But here is the text Peri wrote on Instagram under my picture and I couldn’t have explained it better myself. So here it is for those interested <3

“🐉Shrivasta Nagas🐉

Pathways carved through time 📿 endlessly intertwined, the nagas🐉 of heaven and earth, our opposing guides inside. Spirit serpents that weave our desires, our twins, the two sides who tug our will.

We are human, half beast half Gods. 🐲One, Our subconscious, urges of the Earth, our primal nature, our primitive desires. 🐲The Other, our higher consciousness, reminding us of our connection to the center, our greater calling, our Dharma. These two serpents, intertwined, peace to chaos to peace, light to dark to light, the duality of our mind, pulling us through time.

Placed in the will center,the solar plexus, our drive, our choice, our wisdom. @rvkgypsy you are ancient wisdom, so honored to channel through this invocation for you, this reminder of your free will while also acknowledging the samsara cycle, the story of endless birth and death, the tale without an end, the eternal knot, the mystic dragons.
So beautiful to watch it unfold, and see into the meaning behind this design, to see the path accepted by the center symbol and surrounding it with the path of possibilities, the ethereal knot of endless choice, the celestial guidance of eternal alternatives. Honoring both the known and unknown, accepting the all-written and ever-possible, dancing the knot, in grace.

I may your path be ever blessed with acceptance and gratitude. Thank you for your surrender. “

happy couple in ubud.png